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I had the idea for my new book An Even Better You in Later Life in December, finished writing it in January, gave Duncan, the illustrator February to complete his work and in March it went off to the editor. The idea was to try and encourage the older adult to...

#NHSSOS: It’s time to Save OurSelves…and the NHS

When I'm out on my allowed one walk of the day, morning, afternoon or evening, no matter what time it is, there is a smile on my face. How lovely it is to see so many new faces walking past me. Self-isolation has been a challenging affair to say the least, but the...

COVID-19 Trying to stay positive

I launched Molyfit.co.uk in the beginning of the year with the aim of helping the NHS by encouraging the older adult back into exercise. Promoting physical activity among the over 65’s I believe can help save the NHS millions by curtailing avoidable diseases. Now we...

Why strength and flexibility are so important in later life

In the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury related deaths in people over the age of 75. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on the components of fitness, to try and reduce this horrible statistic. Falls occur because of balance problems and...

Paul and prostate cancer

I’d like to introduce you to Paul. Last month, Paul was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. In Males in the UK, Prostate cancer is the most common cancer. About 80% of men who reach the age of 80 will have cancer cells in their prostate. Paul at 77, has a good prognosis...

Understanding your body during exercise. Working to heart rate.

It is important to understand what's happening to your body when you exercise and to be able to measure your effort levels. As you exercise, the blood in your body moves towards the muscles that you are using. This is why it is said don't train just after a meal. When...

Save our NHS!

You can speak to any doctor, nurse or health care worker in the NHS and they will all tell you the same thing - the NHS is struggling and something needs to be done. Every doctor and nurse that I know works longer hours than they get paid for and deals with cutbacks...

Who says age should slow you down?

We are all aware that as the years go by, the ageing process begins and our bodies slow down. What I fail to accept is that we should just roll over and let it happen, giving up on the interests and activities that we enjoy. It seems to be cemented in our culture that...

How’s your posture?

Here's a quick, simply way to help improve your posture.

Using your mobile phone

Could your mobile phone be hurting you?
Out Now!

If you are looking to improve your health and fitness as you grow older, take a look at An Even Better You in Later Life. My 8-week exercise course is designed specifically for you. 

As well as making you feel more able to tackle life’s challenges, my aim in writing this book is to help reduce the strain on the health service by tackling common health conditions that affect the over 65s, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and some cancers.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, the value of staying active to reduce the risk of these underlying health conditions has become even more important.

Using fitness tests and age-appropriate exercises, An Even Better You is the perfect way to boost your mind and body, easing the flatness that we can all experience in isolation.

The book begins with a test routine to gauge your fitness. It then helps you understand your body during exercise by showing you how to work to heart rate and use the rate of perceived exertion. Next, you will look at the difference between health and fitness, and take a closer look at how exercise can help prevent and mitigate common illnesses affecting the over 65s.

Finally, you will embark on an 8-week course that gives you an easy-to-follow way to partake in daily exercise. Each week, you will concentrate on different aspects of your body, using various fitness tests to track your progress.

I designed the 8-week course to increase your fitness and improve your health by exercising every day.

After that, what’s next? Well, the answer is it doesn’t matter, as long as you do something to exercise daily and get the blood pumping round your body, keeping you healthy.

Exercise really is the magic pill. Is it time you took yours?


MolyFit Book

A Better You in Later Life is the ultimate guide book for the over 50's. This step by step guide will help you to recover your strength, balance and mobility. You’ll start by learning about posture – the most common problem and usually the cause of most aches and pains. 


Get Started Today!

Just a little exercise done every day can make the difference for A Better You In Later Life. 


WHAT IS MolyFit?

Exercise for the over 65’s.

MolyFit is simply exercise to help you maintain mobility, staying as pain free as possible. My message is simple: Sit less and move more.


As we get older, our bodies slow down and weaken. Problems occur which cause bad habits that can lead to injury and ill health.

This is why exercise becomes even more important with age, to stop these problems building and stay fit and active.


Via FREE 28 day video exercise plans and an extensive video library, I will show you that just a few minutes of exercise a day will make all the difference. With a little consistency and effort, I will build a better you.


Exercise benefits


Heart disease

Regular exercise can help improve your heart health. Exercise can lower your blood pressure, lowering your risk of dying of heart disease and lower the risk of it progressing.



Diabetes now costs the NHS over £1 billion pounds a year. 90 per cent of diabetes is type two, which can usually be reversed through cutting back on sugar and exercising regularly.



 Exercise can help control the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.


Back pain

Strengthening your core and looking after your posture will stop unnecessary pressure going into your back. Exercise will increase strength and endurance by improving muscle function.



Exercise can help reduce pain and help the joints by maintaining muscle strength around the affected areas. It can reduce joint stiffness and improve physical function.



People who exercise regularly reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity, all of which are associated with developing dementia.


See for yourself…

Thank you to the Hub, Redbourn for opening your doors for filming and to Simon and Lindy, Harry and Lyndy, Mike and Denise, Tony, Paul and Freddy the Dachshund who star in this clip. Also, a big thank you to James Mitchell, director.

I hope you enjoy the promo video made for the book.


What People are Saying


"This book is so easy to understand with great photos of how to do the exercises.

The Author has set everything out so well. It is easy to read, simple to understand and follow. I enjoyed working my way through the book, teaching myself all that I need to do to keep supple and active. Thank John for making My later life more enjoyable."

Lynne Barnett

“Highly Recommend”

"An Excellent place to start if you’re thinking of beginning to exercise again.

A sensible step by step guide to ageing well. Really easy to follow, clearly written by someone who knows how the body works (and doesn’t!). I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to keeping active and pain free in later life."

Melanie Wright, Consultant Geriatrician

“So Easy to Follow”

"An Instructive, enlightening read

This book has been well thought out, the author is clearly very experienced as a sports therapist. I am 70."

Martin Roberts

"I Really Enjoyed this Book"

"I feel the author has a really good grasp of the way the body works and a sensible approach to keeping healthy into older age. The principles of the book are really sound and the explanations and illustrations are easy to follow. I feel the that although these exercises are aimed at people who are growing older, they are relevant to people of all ages. Everyone needs a strong and stable core and this book will undoubtedly help you achieve this!"

Dr Saul Marmot


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