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This is how MolyFit started.

Where it all began…
MolyFit began with a book: A Better You in Later Life. The book was written by MolyFit founder John Molyneux.

It was written out of frustration. He decided to write the book to try and put a stop to the problems and every day injuries he comes across as a sports therapist that could have been avoided if recognised and dealt with earlier.

Self employed and not social media active (that’s a polite way of saying even the toaster baffles him!) he needed some help promoting his book.

That’s when he met Gemma Millard, a social media wizard. Gemma saw the passion and motivation John had straight away and wanted to get on board. It was her idea to take the idea of the book further and spread the MolyFit word by creating a website. We have big plans.

We want MolyFit to become a hub of knowledge and go to place to deal with your body’s problems.

 “Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy the journey to A Better You in Later Life as much as we are”


John Molyneux and Gemma Millard


What People are Saying


"This book is so easy to understand with great photos of how to do the exercises

The Author has set everything out so well. It is easy to read, simple to understand and follow. I enjoyed working my way through the book, teaching myself all that I need to do to keep supple and active. Thank John for making My later life more enjoyable."

Lynne Barnett

“Highly Recommend”

"An Excellent place to start if you’re thinking of beginning to exercise again.

A sensible step by step guide to ageing well. Really easy to follow, clearly written by someone who knows how the body works (and doesn’t!). I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to keeping active and pain free in later life."

Melanie Wright, Consultant Geriatrician

“So Easy to Follow”

"An Instructive, enlightening read

This book has been well thought out, the author is clearly very experienced as a sports therapist. I am 70."

Martin Roberts

"I Really Enjoyed this Book"

"I feel the author has a really good grasp of the way the body works and a sensible approach to keeping healthy into older age. The principles of the book are really sound and the explanations and illustrations are easy to follow. I feel the that although these exercises are aimed at people who are growing older, they are relevant to people of all ages. Everyone needs a strong and stable core and this book will undoubtedly help you achieve this!"

Dr Saul Marmot


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Thank you, the MolyFit team.

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