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Functional Aging Specailist

15 Aug 2022

I have been busy studying over the last few months and am pleased to announce that I am now a Functional Aging Specialist. Firstly, it is an American qualification, hence the spelling of ageing. Secondly, I took down so many notes during this course that my biro ran out!

So what is a Functional Aging Specialist?

In a nut shell, it is a certification provided by the Functional Aging Institute that looks at improving movement and function in older adults. From the FAI website: “The FAI Functional Aging Specialist is the complete certification program for the serious fitness professional who is ready to become an expert in functional aging and training of older adults. You will receive in-depth training on functional training strategies and movements; how to conduct meaningful assessments of function; how to create and develop effective exercise programs; and critical skills to be an effective professional with this client base.”

I strongly believe in keeping up to date with the latest science and research and this qualification does it all. I look forward to using my new skills and techniques for the better of my community and clients.


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