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1 Apr 2021

Moly (John Molyneux) will be live every Tuesday at 11am to help you to Move Yourself to Health!

The sessions are free and aim to help undo the damage lockdown has done on our bodies.

He will show you how to target The Usual Suspects, the muscles that tighten through excess sitting and not enough moving. When these muscles are loose, you will then start gentle exercise using movement and strength techniques.

The first live workout will be on Tuesday the 6th of April at 11 a.m. It will last around 20 minutes and the exercises can be done either on the bed or the floor. We want to create an online community so there will be a live chat room. Here you can either communicate with Moly or yourselves as you please.

Simply click on this link just before you want to join our session and complete our disclaimer then you’ll be taken straight in to our live video session:

Spring is here. We are getting our jabs and there are happier times on the horizon. Tune in every Tuesday to increase your strength and fitness and move yourself to health.

Keep your core on!


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