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Videos to Help You Achieve Your Personal Goals

MolyFit Wellness

Access the MolyFit Wellness back catalouge of videos here. This is a 20-week exercise course to improve walking.

Move Yourself to Health

Exercise videos to loosen you off and deal with unwanted niggles.

MolyFit Exercise Library

Access all the stretches and exercises used at MolyFit in more detail. Use as a referral to sharpen your technique.

Reclaim Your Inner Power

The exercises in this course are mid level ability, designed to strengthen the big muscles in the body and get the blood pumping. 

More Video Resources

Daily tasks

To gain the most out of your body and be the best you an be, you should try and do a little exercise every day. These short videos will help you achieve this.

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Reducing pain

Exercises to help reduce pain in your body targeting specific areas.

MolyFit checklist

The 5 pillars that MolyFit is built on. Simple techniques to correct posture, reduce pain and increase your mobility.

Useful tips

Exercises and interviews not only with Moly, but other professionals to help build a better you.

Increasing mobility

Exercises to help increase your mobility and get you moving freely again.

Exercise library

All the stretches and exercises used at MolyFit in more detail. To be used as a referral to sharpen your technique.

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Carers in Herts online talk: Posture

PostureThe key to a happy, healthy body is posture. Posture is the way you carry yourself. It’s the position in which you hold your body either sitting or standing. Without it, you will get muscular imbalances which will lead to aches and pains, your balance will...

Improving balance is multi-factorial, it is more than just standing on one leg

How to improve Balance The functional approach to multisensory balance I started MolyFit to change people’s attitudes toward ageing and to improve health and wellness in the over 65’s. The Functional Aging Institute (FAI) looks at four aspects in the balance domain....

The Power of Sport

Today I turn 45 years old. The last year has been tough. I've struggled with my autism diagnosis, finding acceptance with my diagnosis at 44, but what really hit me was losing my dear friend Jon last month. Jon was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA) in 2019....

Exercise and Parkinson’s

If there is one thing that I want you to take away from this talk, it is the power of positive mental attitude. There is a great saying we use when applying exercise to Parkinson’s which is, “the body won’t achieve it if the mind don’t believe it”.I have seen...

We Are Undefeatable in Hertfordshire Virtual Conference

On Friday 10th March, I will be taking part in the "We Are Undefeatable in Hertfordshire Virtual Conference". This event is FREE to access. The aim of the conference is to share ways to get active whilst living with health conditions. You are welcome to pop in and out...

Autism and me

Last week, at the ripe age of 44, I was diagnosed autism spectrum condition. Up until a year ago I would never have imagined the possibility that I may be autistic. I have always found life difficult and never fully understood myself. My job has always been my focus...

Functional Aging Specailist

I have been busy studying over the last few months and am pleased to announce that I am now a Functional Aging Specialist. Firstly, it is an American qualification, hence the spelling of ageing. Secondly, I took down so many notes during this course that my biro ran...

5 Minute Seated Core Exercises 5 minute exercise routine to work your core muscles. These exercises are done seated in a chair.

5 Minute Floor Core

Give your core a strong workout with this five minute routine. Floor exercises of moderate difficulty.

What is you core and why is it important as we age?

So, what is your core? Simply put, your core is all the muscles that are involved in stabilising your body. By using and strengthening your core, you will keep unnecessary pressure out of your spine and keep your body in the correct position, creating harmony...


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