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Move Yourself To Health -free live classes in April!

25 Mar 2021

The last year has been a shocker. On reflection it feels like I’ve been watching some far reached fiction movie, totally distanced from my actual life.

Lockdown has taken a toll on all of us and from my professional view, our minds and bodies have suffered because of this. For a year, we have been living with excess fear, anxiety and tension levels that most of us just are not used to. We have been in our homes more than normal, sitting for longer and during this third lockdown in particular, trapped inside with nowhere to go. It’s been a long, cold, wet and dark winter. Motivation has suffered, our bodies are sore and our minds fragile.

Let’s change this! The end of lockdown is on the horizon. The evenings are getting lighter and the smell of spring is in the air.

Starting from 6th April (2021) at 11am, I will be running free live classes direct from my website. The purpose of these classes is to start reversing the effects of lockdown. I will start with stretching classes to ease tension and back pain. We will then gently progress to the rest of the body, addressing the issues lockdown has caused within our bodies.

Join me and get moving every Tuesday morning to gain motivation, strength and start moving again.

Please check my social channels nearer the time for the link needed to take part in these classes.

John Molyneux, MolyFit Owner


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