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#NHSSOS: It’s time to Save OurSelves…and the NHS

30 Mar 2020

When I’m out on my allowed one walk of the day, morning, afternoon or evening, no matter what time it is, there is a smile on my face. How lovely it is to see so many new faces walking past me. Self-isolation has been a challenging affair to say the least, but the positive side of coronavirus is that people are getting off the sofa and getting outside, not just once a week but daily, and I love it.
We have been told to not visit family and friend to stop the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Although we can still talk on the phone and chat on video calls, it is not the same. I never appreciated how tactile I was or how much human contact meant to me until it had gone.
Isolation has taken its toll both mentally and physically, making exercise even more important. Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone and lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. As well as my daily walk, I am exercising at home at least twice a day. This gets the blood pumping around my body, taking tension away, reducing stress and maintains my mental health. It doesn’t have to be much. Just march on the spot, swinging the arms for 2 minutes, 30 seconds skipping, a 30 seconds wall squat or 10 chair squats. The key is little and often.
I have been promoting the idea that by helping ourselves we will help the NHS for some time now. Trying to spread the message that a little daily exercise will massively reduce the risk of underlying health conditions that affect the over 65’s. By reducing the risk of disease as you age, you will reduce the pressure on the NHS.
So, keep moving, stay healthy and hopefully, the one good thing that will come out of this will be a nation of new fitness lovers, leaving isolation fitter than they went in.

Share and spread the message. Save OurSelves, save the NHS. #NHSSOS


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