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11 May 2020

I had the idea for my new book An Even Better You in Later Life in December, finished writing it in January, gave Duncan, the illustrator February to complete his work and in March it went off to the editor. The idea was to try and encourage the older adult to exercise daily, get a bit fitter and in doing so, help the NHS, by showing people that exercise as well as making you fit, can reduce the risk of certain diseases by nearly 50%. My idea was simple, exercise your way out of the waiting rooms.

Then in March, the world changed on an unprecedented scale. Like all of us, I had to adapt. I put the book on hold and started working from home, using my laptop to train my clients. My main concern was the emotional and mental toll isolation would take. Not seeing loved ones, friends, children and grandchildren was bound to hurt. Exercise produces serotonin and endorphins, two chemicals that cheer you up and make you feel better. That’s why I started MolyFit live, to get people moving, thus help with their physical and mental wellbeing.  I’ll be honest, my hatred of technology took hold and initially I struggled, most days making mistakes. How I missed Gemma and Arif who usually handle all the technology things for me. With Gemma’s help on the phone, we just about managed, although we did cause quite a stir, even ending up on ITV London and a few other news outlets nationally and globally (“leg gate” as I call it).

Being locked in our homes, we have turned into a nation of keepfitters. I am sure that when lockdown ends, many will leave fitter than they went in. However, once we go back to our normal patterns and routines, I implore you to keep up the good work and keep exercise at the top of your to do list. Exercise is a constant challenge, and needs consistency and perseverance. It would only take a few weeks of not doing it to lose your gains and waste all the hard work you put in being stuck at home.

You need to keep on challenging your body. If you do the same thing week after week, your body becomes used to the exercises and will stop adapting. This is where An Even Better You in Later Life comes in.

If you are looking to improve your health and fitness as you grow older, take a look at An Even Better You in Later Life. My 8-week exercise course is designed specifically for you.

As well as making you feel more able to tackle life’s challenges, my aim in writing this book was to help reduce the strain on the health service by tackling common health conditions that affect the over 65s, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and some cancers. In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, the value of staying active to reduce the risk of these underlying health conditions has become even more important.

Using fitness tests and age-appropriate exercises, An Even Better You in Later Life is the perfect way to boost your mind and body,

The book begins with a test routine to gauge your fitness. It then helps you understand your body during exercise by showing you how to work to heart rate and use the rate of perceived exertion. Next, you will look at the difference between health and fitness, and take a closer look at how exercise can help prevent and mitigate common illnesses affecting the over 65s. Finally, you will embark on an 8-week course that gives you an easy-to-follow way to partake in daily exercise. Each week, you will concentrate on different aspects of your body, using various fitness tests to track your progress.

I designed the 8-week course to increase your fitness and improve your health by exercising every day.

After that, what’s next? Well, the answer is it doesn’t matter, as long as you do something to exercise daily and get the blood pumping round your body, keeping you healthy. Exercise really is the magic pill.

Keep it up. #stayfitfovever

John Molyneux (Moly)


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