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Stop being top heavy

30 Sep 2020

The average human head weighs around 5kg. If your posture is good, your head will rest nicely on top of your neck with all of its weight evenly distributed throughout your body. Unfortunately, that’s not what most of us do. We slouch, stoop and walk with our eyes to the floor, which makes us top-heavy and more prone to falls.

If your eyes are looking down, your head and neck are bent forwards, which puts an increased curve in your upper spine.

This pushes your shoulders and chest forward, making your body weight off balance. If you trip, there is only one way you will go, and your 5kg of head will lead the way. If your core is on and your posture is good, you are much less likely to fall, and if you do trip, you will be more likely to hold your balance.

You can try to correct this by loosening your shoulders. However, this is not a quick fix. The chances are that your body has been in this position for years so it will take some time and dedication to achieve this.

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