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What is you core and why is it important as we age?

31 May 2022

So, what is your core?

Simply put, your core is all the muscles that are involved in stabilising your body.

By using and strengthening your core, you will keep unnecessary pressure out of your spine and keep your body in the correct position, creating harmony throughout your muscles and, therefore, your movements.

A strong core will go along way in helping to prevent frailty as you age, keeping you upright and in control of your movements.

Our bodies are lazy and will always try to find the easiest way to carry out a movement. Quite often, we slouch and stoop and put all of our movement through our backs, which causes pain and problems all over the body.

I have been volunteering in a care home recently, offering exercise advice to the residents. All have different goals and issues with their bodies and over the last few weeks, all have improved. With all of them however, their improvement started by activating their cores.

I can’t stress enough, if you want to live an active older life and reduce the chance of frailty, exercise is the key and using your core the foundation.  

Here are some exercises to get you started:

Pelvic floors

Seated core

The plank

Keep your core on!

John Molyneux


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