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Who says age should slow you down?

25 Nov 2019

We are all aware that as the years go by, the ageing process begins and our bodies slow down. What I fail to accept is that we should just roll over and let it happen, giving up on the interests and activities that we enjoy. It seems to be cemented in our culture that once someone gets to a certain age, they just get shelved as ‘that’s what happens in old age’, ‘it’s to be expected’.

Nothing irritates me more than, when referring to an older adult, the phrases; “they had a good innings”, or “they are good for their age”. Age should be celebrated and respected but unfortunately in modern society, it just seems to be a burden with people giving up and making do. I’m trying to start a revolution. I’m trying to show, that with a little knowledge, effort and consistency, age should not slow you down.


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