Why MolyFit?

Online video benefits.

Here at MolyFit, changing lives for the better is our passion.

I believe that exercise is accessible to everyone regardless of their age, ability or physical restrictions. I want you to listen to your body, understand what it is telling you and learn how to fix the problems yourself.

I will encourage you not to put up with pain or have the attitude ‘you can’t so you won’t’! 

Using progressive, safe techniques, I will ask you to give it a try. Just a little exercise done every day can make the difference for A Better You.


It’s FREE!

 MolyFit is your free of charge personal trainer that you can access through your smart TV or computer in the comfort of your own home.



MolyFit will show you how to exercise and tackle the diseases such as diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease and dementia; all that cost the NHS billions of pounds a year. Shockingly, 1 in 2 of us will now get cancer. Yes, some cancer is preventable with lifestyle changes but most are not. 


Helping the NHS

Personally, I want to know that if I, or my loved ones get the hideous news that we have cancer and need treatment, it will be available immediately because the NHS is not clogged up with patients whose health issues may have been prevented, if only they had the knowledge and understanding to do so.

John Molyneux, MolyFit Founder


Here’s a little taster…

Here’s a short video to give you an idea of what goes on at MolyFit.

Keep your core on!


Daily tasks

To gain the most out of your body and be the best you an be, you should try and do a little exercise every day. These short videos will help you achieve this.

Reducing pain

Exercises to help reduce pain in your body targeting specific areas.


MolyFit checklist

The 5 pillars that MolyFit is built on. Simple techniques to correct posture, reduce pain and increase your mobility.

Useful tips

Exercises and interviews not only with Moly, but other professionals to help build a better you.

Increasing mobility

Exercises to help increase your mobility and get you moving freely again.

Exercise library

All the stretches and exercises used at MolyFit in more detail. To be used as a referral to sharpen your technique.


Let’s get started!

Just a little exercise done every day can make the difference for A Better You.